Crocker Point - Hadrian's Pics

Group 4 went to Crocker Point this past weekend (Saturday - Monday). Our hike in and out was sunny and the views were breathtaking. Saturday night's sunset and alpine glow was everying you would expect from Yosemite and more. Expecting snow and wind on Sunday we made a high walled kitchen with a tarp roof.

Saturday night and Sunday was close to the most severe winter camping I've seen with gusting winds, heavy snow (I dug out my tent five times), and near white out conditions at times on Sunday. Plus it was 12 degrees on Sunday night. I would not have wanted to hike out with a group on Sunday, but that wasn't our plan. With our structures in place and well protected kitchen everyone was safe and sound. Everyone slept warm (at least nobody complained), and the dinners were what has come to be
expected from the Snowcamping Section.

With 2 feet of fresh snow on Monday we hiked back to Badger Pass. Only had to break trail for a mile due to early morning day hikers laying down a trail from Badger Pass to Dewey Point. It seems that every year the quality of the students goes up and this year was no exception.

Kalle Hoffman
Coleader Group 4

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