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Our training applications are typically available online around October 15th, and are due by a specified date in December. For paper applications or for questions beyond what is in the website, please contact the Sierra Club San Francisco Bay Snowcamping Section at:

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If you would like to receive announcements for the training series and/or alumni trips, please fill out this form to be added to the snowcamping news email list! Folks that have already completed the training series and would like to help with the training series should also fill out this form.

Note: If you are interested in learning about snow camping, please see the pages devoted to our Training Series.

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Note: The leader email list is only for active leaders and assistant leaders helping with the training series. The snowcamping news email list is for anyone who wants to receive training series announcements and graduates of the training series who want to receive occasional updates about available alumni trips. If you are requesting to be added to an email list, please specify which list you're interested in, as well as the year you completed the training series, your group, and your group leaders.
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