About Us


Our mission to cross country skiers, snowshoers, and backcountry snowboarders is two fold:

  1. Training Series. To provide an instructional series in winter backcountry skills, both in a classroom setting (one Saturday in January) and in two week-end field trips. A special group for families interested in sharing this winter experience with their children is also available.

  2. Scheduled Alumni Trips. To offer weekend (and longer) scheduled trips of various difficulty, under our experienced leadership, to those who have completed our training series.

Snowcamping Leadership

Steering Committee

Chair:  Kalle Hoffman
Vice Chair:  Tim Surber
Treasurer:  Hadrian Klinkner
  L. Andrei Lita
Emily Rosenberg
Jennifer Flattery
Sanjay Reddy


Orientation Day Chair:  Fred Huang
Alumni Trips:  Robert Schuur and Michael Bandrowski
IT Chair:  Kalle Hoffman

Other Volunteers

Material Rewards Coordinator:    Brandon Flayler
Promotions Coordinator:    Jocelyne Sleckman
Database Coordinator:    Molly Rose
Website Coordinators:    Mark Spiller and Kalle Hoffman
Equipment Coordinator:    Mark Johnson
Student Manual Coordinators:     Marilyn Smulyan
Medical Coordinator:    Terrie Arnold
Wilderness First Aid Coordinator:   
Leader Emeritus:    John Soubier

Trip Leaders

Jennifer Flattery
Mike Duret
Group 1: 
Lorrie Poch
Chuck Courts
Group 2: 
Jamsheed Wania
Cynthia Knowles
John Sedlander
Group 3: 
Albert Pastine
Ron Cohen
Karin Schwartz
Group 4: 
Kalle Hoffman
Robert Schuur
Group 5: 
Shonna Moodie
Brian Tavares
Group 6: 
Tim Surber
Sanjay Reddy
Group 7: 
Angelo Gagliardi
Waiting List: 
If you are applying and selecting the Waiting List as your first choice, please do not pay until you have been accepted into a group.
We will accept applicants as space becomes available.
Please indicate on your application the dates / groups
you are available to join.
Training series only, no alumni trip sign-ups.
Youth 1 (8-13): 
Ed Traverso
Youth 2 (14-18): 
John Sedlander